HADAS Excavations

HADAS undertakes excavations in Barnet usually at least once a year and sometimes more frquently. We have experienced archaeologists who work alongside less experienced diggers and make sure all our digs are carried out and recorded in a professional manner. If you are interested then do please get in touch with us and learn more about what we do, how you can help and get involved in uncovering the archaeology of Barnet.

Year Name of excavation Site Code Links to more information
2017 Battle of Barnet  goo.gl/Rrq3hy
2017 Hendon School
2016 Clitterhouse Farm CLM16 https://goo.gl/L1M5Ua
2015 Clitterhouse Farm CLM15
2014  Cromer Road School CRS14 https://goo.gl/7iCjRk
2013 Martin Primary School MPS13 https://goo.gl/UhDUxz
2013 Avenue House, Finchley SVH13
2009 Church Farm Museum CFM09
2008 Church Farm Museum CFM08
2005 Church Farm Museum CFM05
2005 Pinner Hill
2004 Avenue House Gardens AHG05
2003 Avenue House Gardens AHG04
2000 Barnet Gate Meadow BGM00
2000 Hanshaw Drive HDW00
1999 Church Farm Museum CFM99
1996 Church Farm Museum CFM96
1995 Mount House, St. Martins Convent Hadley CTY95
1993 Church Farm Museum CFM93
1993 Victoria Maternity Hospital VHM93
1992 Barnet High Street BHS92
1991 Barnet High Street BHS91
1991 Forge Site, Golders Green Road FS91
1990 Barnet High Street BHS90
1989 Whetstone High Road WHR89
1989 r/o Mitre PH. Barnet BM89
1979 Church Crescent CC79
1978 Rectory Close RC78
1976-81 West Heath https://goo.gl/NFqZ7p and  https://goo.gl/9YkcGC
1976 White Swan WS76
1974 Church Terrace CT74
1974 Fuller Street, Hendon FS74
1973 Church Terrace CT73
1972 Burroughs Gardens BG72
1971 Thirleby Road
1966 Church End Farm CEF66
1963 Church End Farm CEF63
1962 Church End Farm CEF62
1960 Arkley ARK60 Arkley was not  a HADAS dig but an important Barnet

Excavation.  https://goo.gl/4H5Yta